Hiding Places

Do you have a place to go and hide when you’d rather not deal with the “real” world around you for a little while?  I’m guessing most people do, whether it’s an actual physical location, like a tree-house or cave in the woods, or a less tangible haven, like gaming or on-line shopping or playing an instrument.  Writing.  Running.  Hunting.  Reading.  Going someplace where the Nine-To-Five Rules are suspended for a time.  Or the Holiday Rules or Communication Rules or Relationship Rules.   I have a handful of physical escapes where I’m not likely to encounter stress causing situations.   A walk in the woods with no worries, and nothing to ponder but the sound of the dry vegetation crunching beneath my feet. Of course I can just as easily hideout at my own kitchen table, lost in the pages of a novel, or a crossword puzzle grid.  With Christmas fourteen days away, it’s good to have a place to re-group from the seasonal frenzy.  Here’s wishing you a stress-free experience, even if you have to drape a bedspread over the coffee table to create a secret fort.  I understand, and your secret is safe with me.  Matter of fact, scoot over, and I’ll bring a flashlight and some eggnog!



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