Hiding Out

Turn out the lights, my work-week is over.  I hope you enjoy the weekend, and the rain-free and sunny days ahead!  With Presidents Day tacked-on, it’s a perfect opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite activities, escaping to different scenery with the wife, the mutt, a few toys and a trailer full of grub!  All that’s needed now is loading up on that grub, yanking the trailer out of the mud-pit my yard has become, and convincing the dog that this is a good idea, and not every person who strolls by the campsite warrants fearsome high volume barking.  Oh yeah, better not forget the earplugs.  Always an adventure!  Keep Rockin’ & I’ll talk to you when I’m back on the airwaves of The Home of Rock-N-Roll.  Meanwhile, to quote Jimmy Buffet, “If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.”

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