Here’s To Ya’

When I was leaving my place of humble abode (out in South Bossier) this morning, I had filled up my Thermos spill-proof coffee mug to the brim ,and screwed on the top.  We’re told that we can only use those spill-proof beverage containers, so accidents don’t happen in the studio around all of the electronics.  Well.  When I walked into the building here, I realized that I had left my spill-proof mug of home-brew coffee at the house on my kitchen counter.  I keep my back-up Dark Side of the Moon coffee mug in Bobby’s office, so I made a fresh pot of radio station coffee and am using my non-spill-proof Dark Side of the Moon coffee mug.  I’m breaking the rules, and we’ll see what happens, since I’m tellin’ on myself by posting this photo.  Hopefully, I’ll be back with you here on the air tomorrow.  I’m keeping the mug back away from the equipment, and am careful not to spill.  In the meantime, here’s to ya’.  A toast to you! Thanks for rockin’ with 98Rocks!  All of us up here, have always been, and are, appreciative of your support (for about 35 years).  A great group of guys up here, that have been rockin together for decades (Bobby, NukeMan, Gary & myself).  I need to mention ladies too, because Lady B works up here during the week and you hear her on the radio on 98Rocks on weekends.  Long-time Shreveport DJ, and old friend, John Sherman shows up during the week to do some jobs, and rocks his Saturday and Sunday night shows on 98Rocks.  Just a good crew.  I’m thankful to be a part of it all.  It was funny when young Lady B mentioned that I might retire at some point.  I said “I’m not retiring.  Ya’ll are gonna have to run me off”.  Hopefully, breaking the rule with my non-spill-proof Dark Side of the Moon coffee mug doesn’t give them a reason to remove my code to enter the building.

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