Here’s To Dad!

If you answer to Father, Dad, Daddy-O, Dadster, Pops, Padre or any other variation My Ol’ Man…Happy Day to You!  I came across an article highlighting the top gifts that dads would like, and I was happy to see the number one response was “doing something special with the family.”   That would be my first choice.  A hug and a homemade card will get a big, warm, from-the-heart smile from me anytime.  Can’t compare to a shaver, cordless drill or new putter.  Not that dad will complain.  My dad made us feel like every ashtray, ugly necktie or soap-on-a-rope was pure gold.   But a fishing trip on Father’s Day?  Those were the best gifts, and foremost memories.

This is my 29th Father’s Day, and the real gift to me are the amazing, wonderful daughter and son who call me “Dad” and have made so many of  what might have been ordinary days, very, very happy Father’s Days indeed.

It’s been 34 years since I lost my Dad to cancer, and wished him a Happy Father’s Day.  Were he still around today, I’d like to think we might be planning a fishing trip…

Now for the Top-Ten List:  Here are the top ten things dads are hoping to get:

1.  Doing something special with the family, like a hike or going to a pool.  A separate Father’s Day poll ALSO found that’s #1 this year.

2.  A card.  It actually tied for first place.

3.  Clothes.

4.  Something homemade.  Especially dads with young kids.

5.  Tools.

6.  Electronics.

7.  Something related to one of his hobbies.

8.  A gift certificate for something fun.

9.  Having the day to himself.  One in nine dads want everyone to leave them alone.

10.  Food, beer, wine, or liquor.

Only 3% of dads said they’d love to get flowers.