Here Comes Another

Another week of Spring is on the way and it might even feel like the season.  Bone-chilling winds that greeted our Sunday morning were a reminder that winter is not too far removed, even though green is the predominant color of the landscape.  The temp is just 39 as I write this.  By the way, thanks for joining us for Poochamania Saturday, with a special hats-off to the Town of Benton & all our sponsors.  We were glad the weather cleared in time for lots of folks and their furry friends to have some outdoor fun.

Tax-day is tomorrow thanks to the 15th falling on Sunday, but I know you don’t need a reminder.   The 15th is memorable for yours truly, as that was the date 6 years ago that I smoked my last tobacco product.  35-years as a two-pack a day guy, I switched to a few dozen cigarillos when the cigs were just too expensive to justify, then quit it altogether.   I still have a nasty cough once in awhile, but I might have  added a couple years to my existence by giving them up.  Quitting on tax-day makes overcoming that addiction a little sweeter.   Now to the control-room to plug back into the world I’ve ignored for a couple days.  Make it a great Monday, I’ll talk to ya on the radio & throw some f-book posts atcha.  I’ll also focus on my destination in about 8 hours, the welcoming greenery of the backyard. Apologies to friends and family living where it might still be cold enough for snow. Yikes, I don’t miss it.




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