Herd Mentality

As I head out this afternoon to be seemingly swallowed at times by the masses, to exist in and among the herd, but not be consumed by it, I offer a placid nature picture and a few words.  A word about the above pic first.  One is standing up and facing one way, all the rest are lying down and looking the other way.  Maybe that one cow didn’t get the “herd mentality” memo.  He wanted to stand out and stand up and be counted, ear-tagged or whatever. Well probably not.  But I like to think that would be me, standing when everyone else was seated, heading east when the others were going west. Still there in the thick of things, but not overcome by the mob.  Not physically trampled.  Not mentally suffocated.  Not falling in-line with this side or that, but chewing my own cud on my own terms.  You do the same.  Stand up and walk the direction you choose, and speak your own truth to the world based on what you believe, and not so much on what’s trending or viral.



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