Headlights On In The Rain

If you’re using your wipers in the rain, your full lights need to be on.  Mr. B., our digital guru, website guy & know-it-all, assured me that the law requires your full lights (front & rear) to be on, during rain.  Though, it’s the law, it’s just a good thing to do, anyway.  Especially, vehicles that are the same color as the rainy environment.  Colors like gray, black, silver, light blue, white etc, are hard to see in heavy downpours.  I encountered that this morning, while driving into work.  A car in the on-coming lane, hydroplaned a little, and I didn’t notice it right away, because of the heavy rain, and it was difficult to see that vehicle (no headlights on).  No harm – no foul, because there was no wreck.  Also, if you’re driving much slower than the flow of traffic in heavy rain, it’s a good idea to turn your flashers on.  It got crazy on I-20 this morning, before I stopped off for a few minutes at B.P.C.C., before finishing my journey to the radio station.  I noticed many vehicle brake lights coming on, due to drivers having to make abrupt maneuvers to avoid a vehicle that was in the (left) fast lane that was going very slow, with no lights on, in the heavy downpour.  Using your headlights is not just for you to see better, headlights are also, so that others can see you.  That’s Tom’s humble view.  Safe travels my friend.  We’ll keep you rockin’ during the journey.

P.S.Thanks to Bobby Cook on 98Rocks this morning, as I heard him mention a traffic backup, due to a wreck in the rain, which would have delayed my journey into work.  I ended up crossing the old Texas Street Bridge, and coming to work through downtown Shreveport.  No problemo.  After walking across the company parking lot in a few inches of rain, my shoes got soaked.  I took my comfy, corrective moccasins out of my brief case, and my feet are high n’ dry in the studio. 



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