Have A Smokin’ New Year!

It’s been over a week since I wrote something up here, having fully embraced the whole Holiday-Mindset thang, which to me means as little thinking as possible.  Yup, even my humble blog takes a bit of mental energy, and when my synapses are deckin’ the halls I’m stingy with even the bare minimum.  But it’s time to start thinking about next year and getting back down to business.  Of course, when Rockin’ is your business, business is always good.  Just the same, we’ve got plans and goals and stuff we want to accomplish like anybody else in 2019, so once we ring in the new, we’ll have to dial the goofing-off back a bit and hunker down.  Dial it back.  I like the way that sounds, it’s right up there with wiggle-room.   Yeah we’re working, pretty hard!

Celebrating pretty hard is what my Christmas was about.  Shelley got the bird and said smoke this for a change, so I was stoking a fire before sunup.  The family arrived in mid-morning, daughter Jessica and significant other Rauland (with little Ember) and our boy Zak and his lady Hayley.   We exchanged gifts with the Fraziers, best neighbors ever!  (How do you top a Christmas night delivery of hot fresh queso?)   There was way too much food, a bunch of really cool presents and tons of laughs.  It was the best day to be with the ones you love the most, in person and in spirit.  Judging from the way I felt the next morning, I probably raised one too many a toast to those who have gone before.   New Year’s Eve I’ll have to remember to dial it back a bit.

Just in case it takes another week for me to contribute to this space, I’ll wish you and yours the very best for the New Year!  Thanks for looking, listening and making radio part of your life.  We resolve to keep you rockin’ more than ever in 2019!  Cheers!

I resolve to catch that squirrel next year….



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