Hang In There. You’ve Heard it a Thousand Times, Lately.  Me, too.

The view expressed here is, solely that, of me, myself and I.

I keep getting messages that, all, have one thing in common. The phrase “hang in there”. Others are written & spoken, like “This, too, shall pass”, “stay safe” and so many other phrases. All are signs of people encouraging each other. That’s good, right? I think so. This has been a challenging time through the Covid-19 stay-at-home months. It has been very challenging for friends infected with the virus. It’s been challenging for many working on the front lines of this fight, and those in the service industry that have done their best to provide products and services to the communities. There are so many to thank for their efforts. A tough part is, when I’ve encountered friends that have lost their jobs, during this time (by no fault of their own). Yes, they get a “stimulus” payment & unemployment checks for some months, but it’s a percentage of what they were making and they’ll be the ones to fight the complacency bug (getting checks in the mail, and not inspired to be employed & contribute). Jobs provide paychecks, of course, but also provide a higher level of self esteem in some working individuals. I’m hopeful that better days are ahead. There has been a lot of tragedy during this time, but maybe a positive is, that we’ve gotten a better understanding of trying to stay calm, and practicing… respect. Respecting social distancing and all of that, but also respecting each other’s freedom to believe as we wish. Even if friends believe differently on some issues, I’ll stand with them when it comes to their FREEDOM to believe as they see fit.  We’re all just trying to make it in this world. We all just want to reach a point where we feel comfortable in our own skin. Lately, I, often tell myself: “C’mon Better Days”. This is just another space in time, during my life, where I find myself saying (again)… “c’mon better days”.
I’ll mention it again (and I’m telling myself this, too): Hang in there.

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