Green Days

Not a post about listening to the band, but Green Day music works for me when I’m working in the veggie-patch now and then.  I might also have some smooth jazz on the speakers, or maybe some Tool while I rake and hoe.  The outdoor sounds of birdsong and a warm breeze through the leaves is best sometimes.

“How’s your garden looking?”   That’s a common question lately among both green-thumbers and green-eaters  looking to get a hold of some surplus locally-grown fresh produce.  My answer this year is a solid “Not too shabby” after a late and soggy start.  Starting to see some “fruits of the labor” now, flowering eggplant, beans tomatoes and cucumber, and peppers well on their way to salad-readiness.  Already enjoyed more than a few handfuls of cherry tomatoes.  If I can keep the bugs and weeds at bay, there should be more than enough goodies to share.  Of course you can’t call ’em ’til the Fat Lady sings, and like a baseball game in the ninth-inning, you can be up by four with one out to go and….one Tomato Hornworm wipes out an entire plant overnight.  There’s a good name for a much-hated cellar-dwelling AAA ball-club; The Tomato Hornworms!  I’ll buy that T-shirt, in John Deere Green, please.  But I’ll pass on the $9 beer.








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