Great set of albums this week!

The 98 Rocks Album Archive is exceptional this week! We start off with Deep Purple’s Machine Head. This 1972 album is Deep Purple’s most successful album and is often cited as a major influence in the development of heavy rock music. Smoke on the Water, Space Truckin’, Highway Star and much more on this one.

Tuesday night is the 90125 album from Yes that launched a new era for the band and is still their best selling album. The song Owner of a Lonely Heart is a big reason for that.

Wednesday is U2’s Unforgettable Fire. This album came out in 1984, the same year 98Rocks came on the air, and brought us great sons like Pride, Wire, and the title track Unforgettable Fire.

Thursday we’ll have the second album from Rush, Fly By Night, which is the first album that featured Neil Peart on drums. Fly By Night is the most recognizable song on the album, but this one is made for listening to all the way thru!

We wrap up the week with Bad Company’s Run with the Pack. Silver Blue and Gold is on this album and is one of my favorite Bad Company songs.

Join me weeknights at midnight for the 98 Rocks Album Archive and a special thank you to Tom Michaels who puts this together for your enjoyment.



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