Cooking is a passion for some, and tasting is a passion for me.  There was a large gathering, of all ages, at Marilynn’s Place in Shreveport.  There were almost 20 entries in the Slow Food soup competition. All of the soups, seemed to have that special ingredient.  A good dash of… love.  All soups were different, delicious and obviously made by people who love cooking with (mostly) locally grown ingredients.  There were gentleman from some of the local major farms, that grow crops and raise cattle.  There were many people like me, that showed up to taste the soups, and interact with others.  A family member entered the soup competition, and I was there to support family, but also there to enjoy conversations on various topics, with many in attendance.  Slow Food of North Louisiana (part of Slow Food USA) holds various tastings, with locals cooking foods (not just soups) at various events, with a focus on locally produced ingredients.  I had a great time seeing some friends, and making new friends.  It was just a great, diverse, group of people… sharing soup, beverages and conversation.  Very nice people are involved with Slow Food North Louisiana.  They did a great job,  serving the large crowd in attendance, and informing us all, what the Slow Food non-profit group is all about.  I could tell that these were nice people who enjoyed putting a lot of love into their cooking, and enjoying not rushing through cooking a good meal.

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Tom Michaels