Got Vinyl?

As I was looking around the house and dreading the impending “spring cleaning” coming soon, I realized how much music I had in archaic formats. Vinyl was king in the 70s and I still own quite a bit even though it has all been replaced in multiple formats. I can definitively say that I don’t have any 8-tracks. Cassettes came around in the 80s and I still have few of those lying around. CDs had taken over in the 90s and that is what I have the most of in formats of the past. My digital library is the largest though. MP3s, waves files and others have just about replaced everything available in the older formats. Even the radio station has most everything on the computer now days and is beautifully remastered in most cases. We still occasionally stick a disc in the CD player, but really don’t have too very often. The streaming industry continues to grow, but I wonder what will be the next big change. Whatever it is, you can alway count on us at the Home of Rock & Roll to be jamming away 24/7! We’ve been rocking for almost 35 years and I think we got a least that many left! Thank you for listening and for the support you’ve given us over the years. We’re still here because of you.



Back to School! Football is Back! Concert Drought This ain’t my kind of record! No fleas here! Destination: Cold!