Go With The Flow

A smooth, steady week flowing by at an easy pace would be nice.  There was an inherent laziness to my weekend, probably brought on by the rain.  Just enough activity involved that I didn’t feel like a worthless lump.  Made a few meals, ran an errand or two.  Enjoyed visits from the kids.   Wife and Number 1 Daughter took the three pups to the Splash Kingdom doggy swim Saturday afternoon.  It was their second year and those critters enjoy it, but I had already scheduled a nap.  Here’s a look courtesy Jessica’s page:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10216749156066402&set=pcb.10216749156586415&type=3

The dogs are Bella, Mocha and Kat.  Wet dogs are such fun.   Wet is also in the forecast for most of the week, so maybe we will bust our drought at last.   Hurricane Florence was the main topic of discussion when I phoned my Mom this weekend.   She’s prepping for the storms approach with my sis Mandy and her boys near Richmond, Va this weekend.  Ramped up to a Cat 4 today, it could be a monster.  We’ve a tripped planned their way in just about a month, but will roll that way instantly should they sustain any major damage.  Hoping that is not the case.  I’d rather spend the visit visiting, not patching the place up.  Of course my Mom & Sis would be the first on the roof securing a tarp or removing a tree limb.  Tough as nails.  They’d  have some funny anecdotes to share about the experience too.   Brute strength, never-say die fortitude, and a sharp sense of humor…that’s my family!

Tomorrow, Patriots Day,  we remember a sad Tuesday morning in September of 2001.  Already my memory is flashing on so many little nuances of the day, etched clearly in the memory banks.  Whether you share your personal memories of that day with someone else, or keep them to yourself, I hope your moments of reflection have a special meaning to you.  On that day, aboard those aircraft and in those buildings, We were One And All Americans.  Nobody cared who made your shoes.





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