Get Organized

With this very hot weather set-in, I prefer going with flip-flops, when I can get away with it, and ignore the jumbled mismatched mixup in the sock drawer.  Since the kids are grown and moved out I don’t need to hide my stash in there anymore, and anything even remotely valuable is in a hidden lock-box.  So hidden, now that I think about it, that I can’t at this moment remember exactly what spot is in now.  Hmmm.  Hell if I know where the key is as a matter of fact.  Have to clarify these things with the better half, just in case I need to get my hands on important documents that prove my citizenship while she’s away.  Or maybe to recount my collection of Czechoslovak koruna.   Actually, the key could be in my own damn sock drawer, for all I know.

I’ll find it for sure if that’s the case, because the sock drawer is top of my “Might as well stay in out of the heat and get my ducks in order” list.   When I just can’t tolerate the outdoors, even in the shade, I’ll look for some projects I can tackle while basking in the a/c and slurpin’ on some suds.  Ball game on tv too?  Winner, winner!  The sock drawer is a good start.  Not too scary a task really, and I may come across several pair I can toss.  That means room for new socks, and who doesn’t like new socks?  Upon completion of that not too arduous a task, I may reward myself with a short break and a little snack.  Like a footlong meatball sub.  Hey, you should treat yourself when you accomplish a task.  Now that I’m feeling productive, and full, I’ll likely look for other areas of disarray, or jobs that I’ve been meaning to get to for months.  Like giving the computer a good dusting, inside and out, or hunting down all the loose cables, and chargers around the place and actually putting them with their respective devices.  Brave enough to see what’s-up behind your refrigerator?  Yeah, me neither.  Same with the drain in the bottom of your dishwasher.  Did you know there’s a little screen down to trap stuff down there?  It ain’t pretty, what gets in there.  A big plastic shoebox full of batteries will kill half an hour.  “What?  Who the hell puts the AAA’s with the AA’s?  9-volts must be placed upright, and keep the Duracells away from the Ray-O-Vacs for god’s sake!”   C-Cell, huh.  Good thing we have a big supply of those, for whatever the hell they go into.  Look, they’re the “NippoPower” brand from Tokyo.  Did we ever have a Godzilla action figure?   Anyway, after beating the heat and feeling the pride of my small achievements indoors, I might step out and with a cold one and and plenty of shade, and watch the afternoon wither away in the blazing air.  But not for too long; there’s still a junk drawer that needs attention.

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