Gary Pihl of Boston on Tom’s Blue Plate Special

Boston will rock the Historic Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, April 23rd. I got a call from Gary Pihl of Boston, during the Blue Plate Special lunch hour rock and roll (from Down Home Meats in Stonewall). What a fun interview! We learned that Gary joined the band for the 3rd album (Third Stage/1986). Up until that time, Gary was playing in Sammy Hagar’s band. Sammy Hagar went off to join Van Halen, so Tom Scholz of Boston called Gary, and invited him to join Boston, and Gary has been with Boston since that time. Gary also confirmed that the very first Boston album (released in 1976) was recorded in a basement in Boston. That is AMAZING, because it has always sounded so pure and perfect, like it was recorded on today’s top-notch digital equipment. Tom Sholz was working for Polaroid at the time that the first album was recorded, as a demo. The demo was so well received, that the songs recorded in the basement at Tom Sholz’s apartment, were released on the first album. I played the hell out of the 8 track tape of that album, during my Parkway High School years. I drove an old, gold, ’51 Chevy truck at that time, that I paid $600 for. I was about 16 when I bought that truck, after saving up tips that I made from bagging groceries at the Barksdale Air Force Base Commissary. I shared with Gary, how I was a frustrated guitar player back in the 70s and 80s, and tried to play some of the Boston guitar licks, to sound like Boston, but just couldn’t manage it. It was then, that I took up playing my air guitar, which made it a lot easier to play just like Boston. I keep my air guitar in the 98Rocks studio here, and usually play along with some of the songs that I play for you on the radio. I also informed Gary that some have claimed that the Muncipal Auditorium is haunted, but for him not to worry about that, while he’s on stage, because I’ve been going to the Muncipal Auditorium for decades to so many concerts, and never has any “spirit” said “BOO” to me. I want to thank Gary Pihl for calling in today. It was a very enjoyable interview. We’re looking forward to the Boston concert at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, April 23rd. More info CLICK HERE



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