Fun & Photos @ Highland Parade!

Here are a few photos from my fun time with friends at the Krewe of Highland parade.  I always enjoy hanging out with the friends in Highland.  Though it was quite cold along the parade route, it didn’t stop the thousands of people (young and old) from having a good time.  Many families along the parade route, and many parade-goers around me, gave some the Mardi Gras throws that we caught, to some of the children that happened to be around us.  The children had looks of amazement on their faces as the floats went by.  Longtime Shreveport-Bossier entrepreneur, Randy James, was the leader atop one of the floats, and (though I was incognito), Randy pointed me out and tossed a Mardi Gras football my way.  I was amazed that I caught the football that he threw to me.  It was about a 70 yard toss, with a crowd all around me.  I told my son that it was like Brees throwing Thomas a long pass in a Saints game.  I’ll keep the football, and take it to work, and give it to our digital website guru/manager,  Michael, to give to his kids in Benton.  A good friend, Sean, caught a wrapped hot dog from one of the floats, and Sean enjoyed a mid-parade snack.  My son,  Justin, caught a package of ramen noodles, and I’d bet that will be put to good use this week, during one of the days that he heads home from the radio stations for his lunch break.  There were so many Mardi Gras beads thrown from the floats, too!  Luckily, my son and his wife, only live a block from where the parade went by, so when potty breaks were needed, the many friends had a place to go.  After pulling most of the Great Raft beer from the cooler that they brought, the strolls to the close-by house, were needed. Floats from Shreveport-Bossier, as well as from Springhill & Minden, were among the many floats that went by.




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