Fully Sprung

Yes, as we are now into our third big week of springtime, you might say  it has “fully sprung.”   Looks and feels like it to me, with the green growth, the mosquitoes and allergens afloat, and our predictably unpredictable weather.  (Fully Sprung would make a good name for a band, I think)   March madness has left the building, but the Master’s Tournament is on the way,   the NBA and NHL playoffs both start in the middle of the month,  and the NFL Draft is at the end of the month.  Baseball is back, and we’re already planning at least a few trips to Arlington to take in a major league game.  Campers are sprucing up the RVs and tents, making sure the gear is ready for adventure!  Gardeners, myself among them, might have been stymied by the recent wet weather, but a bit of a late start isn’t going to keep the farmer’s markets from teeming with fresh-picked delights soon enough.

And there’s plenty to look forward to in April if you’re less than an outdoor enthusiast…For movies, the Michael Jordan / Nike movie “Air” hits theaters next Wednesday.  “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” also opens that day.  Guy Ritchie’s “The Covenant” is out April 21st.  And “Big George Foreman” comes out April 28th. On TV, two shows based on classic movies hit Paramount+ this month:  “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies” on April 6th and “Fatal Attraction” on April 30th.  Season 5 of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” hits Amazon Prime on April 14th.  Season 2 of “Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head” returns to Comedy Central and Paramount+ on April 20th.

And of course, the holidays:  The big one is Easter, which is this Sunday.  Passover begins on the 5th.  National Beer Day is April 7th . . . National Pet Day is the 11th . . . Earth Day is the 22nd . . . and Arbor Day is April 28th.   Remember, every day goes better with Rock, and the best place to get it is right here, at The Home of Rock-N-Roll, 98ROCKS!