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Every geezer dj has a file of “Today in History” events that includes celebrity birthdays, notable anniversaries and calamities and probably a bunch of old jokes that get re-used every year. Some guys even have that stuff on gasp a computer!  Not us purists. As I dove into my unkempt event folder, I noticed February 1st was a little fatter than others.  So here are a few notables I didn’t have time to get to during the morning show.   Feb. 1, 1865 marks Lincoln’s signing of the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery.  In 1964 Indiana’s governor Walsh declared the Kingsmen record “Louie Louie” pornographic, and said it made his “ears tingle” to listen to it.  It caused a scandal that only ended when the FBI concluded that the lyrics were unintelligible and nobody could tell if it contained obscene words or not.  In 1965 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was arrested with 700 demonstrators in Selma, James Brown was recording “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag in Charlotte, and a 26 year-old Peter Jennings started his three-year first run anchoring NBC’s nightly newscasts.  Skip ahead to ’67 and The Fab Four are recording “Sgt. Pepper” at Abbey Road.   Simon & Garfunkel recorded “America” on Feb. 1, 1968, and the next year on that date Joni Mitchell debuted at Carnegie Hall.  Jump to ’76 and we have the release of the Eagles “Greatest Hits, 1971-75.”  Nothing else was on my turntable for months.  Led Zeppelin left the jet on the tarmac and had to postone their North American tour due to Bobby Plant’s tonsillitis February 1, 1977.  “Late Night with David Letterman” debuted on NBC on the date in 1982.  I was there and stayed with Dave for the duration.  In ’85 the late Glenn Frey of the Eagles appeared in a Miami Vice episode.  I believe his friend Don Johnson (who fancied himself a singer) got him into that. Okay we fast-forward now to 1994 and Jeff Gillooly pleads guilty to attacking figure skater Nancy Kerrigan.  The morning of Feb 1, 2003 in the skies above us here in the Ark-La-Tex, shuttle Columbia explodes during re-entry and all are lost.  I’ll close on that sad tragedy, and reverently dedicate this blog in remembrance of  Rick Husband, William McCool, Michael Anderson, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark and Ilan Ramon.  May they rest in peace among the stars they so fervently wished to explore.

-Bobby Cook



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