Friday Erupts

It erupts with Rock-N-Roll around here, heralding a weekend of fun to come.  We’ll have to dodge a raindrop or two (and that’s being optimistic) on Saturday, but hey, we are not dealing with a Nor’easter, with snow and frigid wind chills, or fires, mudslides, earthquakes etc.  If the waters don’t rise too high we will be in good shape.  Mudbugs have a couple games this weekend, and you can catch the first-place team in action regardless of the weather.  Or stay in and binge-watch some movies or college basketball.  Golf is on.  I read that the second Friday in March is National Unplug Day.  Yes, there really there is such a thing. To encourage people to just shut off and shut-out the social media and whatever other electronic distraction we are bombarded with every day.  I wrote about my need to unplug from the electronic world completely from time to time, usually during a long camping weekend, but often I’ll spend a whole Sunday without looking at an e-mail, website, facebook page or television show.    I might pull out some old lps and relive the days of vinyl while I go about dusting or vacuuming the home studio.  I might actually sit down and write a letter with an actual ink pen and sheet of stationery.   You remember stationery, don’t you?  If you do opt to unplug, enjoy the silence.  If you need to make some noise for the weekend, and being stationary isn’t your thing, well we are the professionals at providing the sounds to kick-up your heels and let your hair down to!  Rock-N-Roll baby, ignore it for awhile if you want, it’ll still welcome you back with open arms whenever you’re ready!

“I’ll go with unplugging if ya don’t mind….”



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