Fresh Weekend Ahead, I’ll Drink To That!

I was looking over the events coming up this weekend on our Gig-Guide page, and saw among the many fun things to do was a “Beer & Brunch-Farmers’ Market Challenge” gathering at Great Raft Brewing.  I get the “beer and brunch” bit, that’s pretty self-explanatory, but had to learn more about the Farmers’ Market Challenge part.  The idea is, get together for some home-brews with some home-grown produce creations. There are only a few weeks of Farmers Markets left this growing season, so stop by the market on Saturday sometime, grab some local produce, and use it in your own original dish.  I’d imagine you can harvest from your garden, or your Gramma’s garden if you want, just be prepared to share it over a few cold craft brews on Sunday.  I’m still bearing fruit on some of my more heat resistant vegetables, so maybe I’ll whip up a Spaced-Out Salad and see ya there!

Beer and Brunch – Farmers’ Market Challenge @ Great Raft Brewing




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