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Here’s to a healthy and satisfying start to your day, served-up with lots of 100% totally non-GMO organic Rock-N-Roll!  Go ahead and have some sugary donuts, or some of those new Peeps that taste like pancakes and syrup.  We’ll balance out the nutritional deficiency with some wholesome, stick-to-your-ribs tunes.  On Monday we’ll be upping the music in the morning, and we’re doing it by tossing out a few commercials.  I know that breaks your heart, huh?  Actually, we’ll nix way more than a few, because we intend to rock commercial free for 98 minutes!  That’s over an hour and a half of music, music, music!  We moved-out the ads to fit in more Rock to start your day, so be sure to check it out starting Monday Feb. 26th.  9:38am.  The 98 Minute Commercial Free Music Meltdown!  We think it’s a good idea and we’ll keep it up as long as we can get away with it.  Spread the word.   Now to get back behind the mic for the show.  I see we are 17 days away from “springing-forward” into daylight savings time. Just when we sort of get used to the way it is now.  I’m one of those who thinks we should just leave the clocks alone and do away with the whole time-change ordeal.  For now, time to rock out!



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