Food, Fun & Family

The spookification of the 98 Rocks office is underway as I settle in to write the blog that signals the end of my work week.  Food, Fun and Family were three words operative this week when we paid an afternoon visit to the Revel.  Can’t remember ever missing a Revel, even if we only got to go once during its run.  We have fond memories of toting sugar-buzzed kids, strollers and diaper bags to the event, and sure don’t miss that part now that the nest is empty.  Now the youngest can buy me a brew and tuck me into bed if need be.  Circle of life, huh?  We hope the Revel means Fall weather is soon to come, but we know that’s not the case this year.  The first week of Rocktober was a muggy steam-fest, and who knows when a cool breeze of relief will set-in.  Monday is Columbus day, and the forecast calls for a high about 86.  Maybe that will be the start of more comfortable weather.  Despite the heat, we enjoyed our Revel time with Zak, Haley, Stephanie and Nathan.  Zak gave a big thumbs-up to the LARGE Chicken & Waffles On-A-Stick, (Go Big or Go Home!) and said it paired perfectly with a Great Raft 318.  Full disclosure: Zak has just a little something to do with the brewing of Great Raft Beer.  I found it went well with my boudin balls.  Here’s Zak striking the obligatory promotional pose:   Way to sell it!  That’s my boy.

Always expect to be wowed by some killer artwork as well, and the creativity on display this year will not disappoint.  Did I mention music?  Well it goes without saying that the Revel never fails to provide something for everyone, so find a shady spot to enjoy some tunes while you nosh on the salty and sweet and tart and tangy deep-fried or slow-smoked delights!  Plan your visit; get more at our website before you head out:

Let’s have a closer look at them yardbird and waffles…

Mercy.  I reckon I could go for a bite right about now.   Listen for me Monday at 6am with the first “Crankin’ Out The Cash” keyword of the day and plenty of music to rock us into the week!

Peace ya’ll-





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