Food Delivery in Shreveport Bossier…Lots of Options

Okay, So in my last post I talked about Craft Beer and how it is killing my waist line, but it was not entirely fair to single out the tasty suds. I am totally fired up about all of the local food delivery services available to us now in the Shreveport Bossier area. This past weekend, I found myself not wanting to do the weekend grocery trip, and with nothing to eat in the house, fired up three of my favorite trusty food delivery apps. Saturday morning, I dined on an amazing breakfast complete with tea, eggs, bacon, sausage, grits and scones from a local tea room. Lunch found me ordering from a different app, and I had some great Chinese food.  Sunday night, another different app, and an artisan pizza from one of our local Italian joints was on the way.

The convenience of these things, and the selection is amazing, I only wish they had been around in my younger years when the appetite was way more erratic and sourced from a different place altogether. I wasn’t always as law abiding as I have become in my older age.. I remember thinking back then, “how awesome would it be if someone had a delivery service that would bring food from local restaurants to your door?”  Well that day is now my friends. My experience with all of the services have been prompt, courteous, and very efficient. Most charge around five bucks for the service and of course you will need to add a tip for the delivery driver, but the cost is very comparable, and much less of a hassle, than going to the restaurant and ordering the same items.

If you are thinking of trying them out, just Google “Shreveport Food Delivery” and check them out for yourself. They have a great variety of restaurants, and haven’t let me down yet.



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