Flying High!

This is a popular shot of the sunrise that I’ve posted more than a few times.  What you may not notice right off is that it was taken from over a thousand feet above South Shreveport, in a hot-air balloon skillfully piloted by local master Pat Harwell.  We signed-on for a ride a few Summers ago, and it was an unforgettable experience.  With the big Nationl Ballon competition back in the area July 13th, I was reminded of the fun we had that morning.  Can’t wait to get up again, there’s nothing like it!  In the meantime, we have the Festival next month, and we’ll see the many colored balloons take to the skies throughout the area, preparing for the competition.  Dozens were piloted over my neighborhood last year, and I’m looking forward to seeing them grace the wild blue once again.  Visit the Fest and take a tethered ride, or just hang and watch the “Balloon Glow” when the gas-jets illuminate those brilliantly covered orbs.  It’s a real lift to the spirits!

Wife Shelley pre-flight:

Just before takeoff:



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