Feeling Pot-Lucky?

If the blast of Arctic cold air we’re experiencing wasn’t enough to get me thinking about the Holidays,  then the announcement of the upcoming company Thanksgiving potluck sure did!  This is the Big One among workplace gatherings.  Sure, you’ve got the occasional lunch catered-in for the gang, and I know you’ve been to countless Birthday, retirement or going-away break-room celebrations.  (“Yeah, I won’t miss Biff either, but hey, they got cake!)   But The Potluck?  The El Grande.  Now the Season begins to feel official, the date is set, and the wheels of my mind are spinning in contemplation of the ideal contribution.  I gotta tell you, it’s a tall order around here.  We have more than a few accomplished culinary masters on the Alpha Media Team, and the goods are always top-notch and in great abundance.  Bring a massive appetite, go back for thirds, and try to stay awake when you return to your desk.  Ha!  Of course it’s more than just the grub.  It’s a chance to share the Spirit of the holidays with co-workers you might not see outside of the office.  Or maybe wish them a “Merry Christmas”  before they’re off on vacation.  After The Potluck, the days seem to accelerate rapidly to the New Year, so it serves as a good reminder to slow down, enjoy your family (workplace and otherwise) and share some cookin’ with the people who mean the most and play the biggest part in your life.  For me, nothing comes from the heart quite like making somebody a meal.  And sharing it with them.   Of course, If you have a hard time boiling water, nobody around here is going to love you any less if you just bring a bucket of chicken.  Make sure it’s the spicy kind though, ok?

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