Falling Back

“Time may change me, but I can’t change time.”  -David Bowie

But we can change the clocks, and pretend we have some kind of control over the endless universal continuum.  Time will march on, whether we call it Standard, Daylight Savings, Pacific, Eastern, Harvest or Party-Tyme!”   It’s always five o’clock somewhere, and Happy Hour is rarely just an hour.  It is relative.  In space, time is distance; light-years measure the unfathomable emptiness between the heavenly bodies.  Time moving on, unchallenged and unchanged since, well, the very beginning of time itself perhaps.

This is just a reminder to set your clock back this weekend, as Standard Time returns.  Or don’t.  I have a few atomic clocks that will take care of the chore for me, at the exact second specified by a signal from the Naval Observatory.  The others are adjusted manually, if I can remember how to do it without the instructions.  If they stay unchanged, I make a mental note that it is off by an hour and carry on.   I may forget now and then, but hey,  I am no slave to time anyway!  If I show up an hour early, or an hour late, I still made the effort, okay?

Time for a nap….




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