Fall-Back Time

Old clock on autumn leaves on wooden table on natural background

Greetings from the Morning Department, where you will find no fans of messing with the time twice a year.   I know there are some who will welcome the so-called “extra-hour” of sleep the return to Standard Time appears to bring.   My internal time-keeping devices are not fooled by the ruse, and I’ll only be awake and ready to get down to business and hour earlier after the change, and start dragging-ass an hour earlier later in the day.  If you have a pet, chances are they are not fooled either. My metabolism is working pretty good with the current situation, and I wish we’d just let the Earth spin and the seasons (and amount of daylight) change in the natural way.  Some places they do.

Moving the clock does serve to remind me that the way we incrementally measure our journey through space is just a human contrivance to compartmentalize fragments of our lives.  We are not cave dwellers or hunter gatherers who can just roam about at will when the sun shines, and sleep when darkness comes.    I’m a fan of the eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired approach;  hours, minutes and seconds be damned.  But unless you happen to be somebody’s pet kitten, you’re gonna find it hard to keep a regular job that way.  Truth is, if you threw-out all the clocks everywhere, the only correct answer to “What time is it?” would be “now.”

I hope “Falling-Back” works okay for you.  In any event, enjoy the weekend.

Here’s an hour that’s pretty agreeable regardless of the time-change!

LED Display – Happy Hour signage


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