So it’s the first day of Autumn, and as usual it is hot and muggy in the Ark-La-Tex.  The picture might look somewhat autumnal,  but those highs in the 90’s don’t go away easily.  Although today there is a slim chance of rain and a good amount of cloud cover, so with just a little imagination….?  Nope. Doesn’t feel like Fall yet.  Hummingbirds are at war at the feeders and the air conditioning seems to never give pause.  Bugs aplenty.  Only in the relative cool of a pre-sunrise 70-degree morning, and the re-positioning of the constellations above is there hint to a change of seasons.   But the days are slowly shortening, the Sun slipping lower to the South with each day.  It’s only a matter of time before that one particular front makes its way through the area and the cool at last remains in place.  It almost feels like it happens overnight some years.  Then just as quickly as it arrives, along with the Holidays, football, the State Fair and way too much pumpkin spice everything,  the few months of the year we don’t have to swelter through are gone once again.  That toasty hoodie heads back to it’s hook on the mudroom door, a bit more torn and frayed, but ready for action next year!

This Fall, plan to join us for our 35 Anniversary Home-Brewed Birthday Blast!  Soon to be a Rocktober tradition.  More details to come, check this space frequently! :

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