Fair Time!

Monday stormed its way into the Ark-La-Tex, left a lot of folks without power and caused some substantial damage to some homes and businesses.  But as I write this, a sunny afternoon has taken hold, and things weather-wise are looking up for the week.  Hi’s in the 7o’s, lows in the 50’s.  Just about ideal weather for the 113th State Fair of Louisiana, which gets underway this Thursday (10/24) and continues through November 11th.  This years theme “A Gumbo of Fun”  promises something fun in the pot for everybody, and who doesn’t love a fair?  Any fair is good for me, from a Fall Festival at your local church or school, to bigger countywide events.  But the Big Momma of ’em all is the State Fair baby, the one we countdown to like kids at Christmas. I can smell the cool, flavorful air now…sausages, peppers and onions sizzling in one direction, a sweet whiff of cotton-candy or a sugary funnel cake coming from another.  The little kids with pie-plate sized eyes in awe at the spectacle of lights and sound, or their very first glimpse of a real live chicken or bunny in the livestock pavilion.   Trying to fit that giant stuffed octopus in the car on the way home, while caramel apple sticky-fingers keep a perilous grip on a fat goldfish in a bowl of lime green dyed water. The same lime green as the fluffy stuffed octopus, which will last a lot longer than poor “Mr. Fins” and be around to remind you how many memories await you at the Fair.   I plan to go, take the whole gang one night, and I’ll probably get back home feeling twenty years younger!  For a little while…

Follow this link for all you need to know about the State Fair this year:  https://www.98rocks.fm/event/state-fair-of-louisiana-louisiana-state-fairgrounds-in-shreveport/


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