Eat Something!  It’s Okay!
  • While food can be the source of such deadly bacterium as salmonella and E. coli, there’s a reason health officials haven’t warned people about which foods to avoid during the coronavirus pandemic: the virus can’t be transmitted through food.  So eat up, and eat some more!!  Like my Mom always said “You’re Too skinny Eat!!
  • Whereas germs like norovirus and salmonella thrive in their hosts’ guts, respiratory viruses — like the coronavirus — infect their hosts by attaching to cells in vulnerable parts of the body, commonly the walls of lungs, health experts say. Besides, while the coronavirus is still new, researchers believe it can’t survive on food. “It’s a porous surface,” says Coronell University professor Alison Stout. “The chances of anything surviving or coming out of it are small.”
  • Moreover, if the coronavirus somehow did survive on food, it would likely be killed off by a host’s stomach acid, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Do most people understand what the coronavirus is? If there was a bigger effort to educate people, would the spread of the virus slow down?