Friday at last and we have earned ourselves some quality weekend-time this week without a doubt!  For me personally it was better than great in some ways: the anniversary celebration last weekend, a pretty productive week at work, and a positive personal development for the family, but on the irritating side in other ways, and the winter blast earlier this week didn’t help.  Well that’s the balance you try to keep I guess.  Keep the ol’ sense of humor at hand is what I do to glide over the rough spots.  I got up this morning ready to un-plug from reality a little bit and just immerse myself in the music and the way the day unfolds.  I don’t feel too talkative, and I ain’t gonna force it.   I’m live and local until 10am and happy to hear from you via comments or 318-320-9898.  Have a Rockin’ Weekend!

-Bobby Cook

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