Early Report

Wednesday morning, upper 70’s muggy and overcast.  Starting to feel like proper June weather around here, and after a hopefully brief period of rain we should see some sunshine and maybe surpass 90 for a high.  If the forecasters are accurate, the rest of the week and weekend should be rain free.

Happy 78th to my Mom today!  Overdue for a trip to Virginia to visit her and my sis Mandy, who marks another year on the planet June 12th.  June is a big month for birthdays,  Wife Shelley celebrated hers last Sunday (as did Jenny here at the office).  Biskie, AKA “Lady B” blew out some candles yesterday and KOKA’s Steve Anderson last Friday. Probably more to come, my apologies if anyone is left out.

Do the birds in your neighborhood start making a racket at 4am?  We’ve got some noisy, exited creatures already raising hell out there.  It’s good to be that excited about a new day, huh?

I’m getting excited about our next camping trip,  three nights next week at Louisiana’s Chemin-A-Haut State Park.  First time trip there to kayak the Bartholomew Bayou and massive cypress trees.  I’ll let you know how that goes. Meanwhile, off I go to hit the air a six, talk to ya then!

(Enjoy the sunrise pic.  Took that while camping at  Lake Millwood last summer)