Drawn Down

Got to sneak the camper away last week to enjoy a local piece of this “Sportsman’s Paradise” in which we reside.   Lake Bistineau was the nearby destination.  Monday morning the lake waters began blasting from the spillway gates, and by Friday there was just enough depth at the end of the dock to float the kayaks off.  The cool front last week made for several consecutive, enjoyable days on the water and biking the trails.  Wildlife in abundance, but since we visited during the week, not too many other people.  Wednesday the exception, when the “kids” Zak & Hayley and Jessica & Rauland were able to join us for massive amounts of sausage on the grill.  Another great thing about camping close to home!  The lake may have slowly lowered right before our eyes, but we weren’t denied an enjoyable and very peaceful getaway by any stretch of the imagination.  Still, it won’t be long before I’m asking “Where to next?”

Here’s a link to a recent KSLA story on the drawdown you might find informative.  https://www.ksla.com/2019/07/23/la-starts-drawing-down-lake-bistineau-fight-salvinia/