I could have worked on my corn-hole shot under the moonlight this morning, or played golf.  Instead I gazed at the stars with that first cup of joe while Mocha had a morning break, then got cleaned-up to head out.  Made a couple egg and ham & cheese English muffins, one I’m working on while I write, the other stayed behind for wifey, who gets up about ten minutes after I clear out.  The eclipse is just beginning as I get organized in the studio, so I will hit the parking lot to check it out when I get a few minutes.  I told Shelley last night that “Do You Feel Like We Do” on-air probably means I’m out howling at the moon.  The lunacy is having an effect on me, at least that’s my story for today.

If I’m acting strangely it is to be blamed on the super funkified jumbo bloody blue-BOO moon!  Maybe I should get outta here early…

Have a day!

-Bobby Cook

“moons are good…”