Dogs Prefer ‘Dog Talk’

This is my good boy! Such a good boy. Who’s a good boy? Seamus is a good boy!

Sometimes I feel like he is smarter than me, I mean he knows what “outside” “kennel” and “stay” all mean. He can comprehend “OK”, “come” and “go get in your bed”. “Down” is one that he knows, as well as “go get it”. I have a hard time remembering to put the clothes in the dryer, or to get gas if I am told. So yeah, I think Seamus is smarter than I am.

Researchers think it may have something to do with the simplistic way¬†we talk to our dogs, because it is actually easier for them to understand and may strengthen the bond between us and our pets. An article in claims “dog-directed speech” or DDS is similar to “infant-directed speech” and is a better way to communicate.

Do you feel foolish talking “dog talk” to your dog in public?

Should I do an entire afternoon show in DDS?

Who’s a good boy? Robert Plant’s a good boy! That’s who!



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