When January temperature are hovering near the sixty-degree mark I am especially grateful to live in the South.  The Great Outdoors calls early in these parts, beckoning golfers, campers, hikers and bikers and gardeners alike to get busy in those welcome rays of a Sun slung low on the horizon.  A few soaking rains delayed my efforts in the garden, but only by a few days, so my cooler weather vegetables got plopped into the rich loamy soil of my little garden patch.  Fresh-tilled soil on a cool and humid morning is kind of an intoxicating aroma for me.  “Must grow something!”    I heed the call and cultivate the green! First plants in the ground include kale, broccoli, cauliflower and romaine lettuce.   Our cat Noah, (aka Kitty) might on occasion mistake the victory garden for an outdoor litter-box, but I doubt I’ll need to “recall” any of that romaine due to salmonella.   If Ma Nature cooperates, there will be fresh-picked produce to munch while I decide on which types of peppers, tomatoes, beans and eggplant and cukes to grow for the Summer.  A few new varieties of herb too.  Our last freeze of wintertime is generally early to mid-March, but as mild as it has been the last several seasons, I’m feeling confident my plants are hardy enough to withstand all but a really hard freeze.  Not that that couldn’t happen.  Matter of fact lately, it seems the least-likely something is to happen the more certain we can be that it will.   Plan to wake-up and rock with me starting at 6am tomorrow.  Enjoy the day and the attached video, which fits my theme in addition to being a pretty cool tune too.

A selection of soon-to-be side dishes.


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