Did you ever think?

Of all the things that would be in demand during these times, toilet paper is the most surprising to me! I started asking around because I don’t completely understand why this is. It seems they can only make so much TP at one time. It’s very bulky so it can’t be stored in big warehouses because they don’t hold that much and they can only ship so much at one time because the trucks fill up very quickly too. They determine the demand in a particular area and build a plant to supply that area with what they need. When people go nuts and buy up way more than they need, we have the problems we are facing now. And people start buying up the next best option when there is no TP. That’s why paper towels, tissues, napkins, baby wipes and more are gone. It’s nuts! I wonder if that’s why I couldn’t find any bread last week.
Keep on rocking and stay tuned in for the latest on the serious side of things. We’re all local here at 98 Rocks and will be right here with you till the end.


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