Cluttered desk?  Not me.  Not at home, not at the office.  Everything is always tidily organized, placed precisely where it ought to be, dust and germ free at all times, no exceptions.  Yeah.  Right.  No, not even a super-neat compulsive order-maker like myself can keep the occasional bouts of disarray away.   It is kind of impressive that there is anything to clutter it up with in the first place, being as I, like many others in the modern world, do a lot of correspondence electronically.  Just the same, some important document from a doctor or official agency that requires either immediate or near-future attention will come along, and I have to place it in prominent place on the desk, lest I lose it or forget about it altogether.  Then there might be a file folder with important client information in it that gets tossed into the mix, some concert tickets, valuable coupons or gift cards, (five years since they expired, but still collecting dust) a pocketful of change, some dead batteries, a user manual for something I’ll likely never use, dog treats, toenail clippers, some hemostats, the device that goes with the manual, whatever it is, gum and a pack of smoke bombs that didn’t get used New Year’s Eve.   Bam, seemingly in an instant it’s a complete rhubarb!

Which brings me to today, National Clean Your Desk Day.  If you don’t feel like you get much else done on Monday anyway, you can at least bask in the satisfaction of organizing your work-space. You’ll also be basking in fewer flu-causing germs if you give it a good spritz with a nice disinfectant.  Might as well wipe-down that computer too, and all the other wonderful electronic tools we have our mitts all over all day. Heres more on the day…

I thought I heard somebody mention dog treats…..



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