392984 01: (FILE PHOTO) The Pentagon building is seen in this undated aerial photo. headquarters of the Department of Defense, in Washington, DC in an undated photo. A hijacked Boeing 757 jet crashed into the Pentagon September 11, 2001 destroying a large section of the building and setting it on fire. (Photo by U.S. Air Force/Getty Images)

The Pentagon, the unmistakable symbol of United States Military supremacy, and what I thought an appropriate illustration for my thoughts on this August 6, the anniversary of the first use of an atomic weapon in 1945.  “Little Boy” fell onto Hiroshima in the morning hours, obliterating much of a city of nearly 300,000, killing at least 80,ooo instantly, and countless more due to the long-term effects of radiation.  After another rained its devastation on Nagasaki a few days later, the war was over.  Can’t argue that the end of any conflict is a good thing.  There’s no telling how much longer the war’s killing, destruction and monetary expense might have gone on, and we can only hope that the lives saved in the long run far exceed those lost on those two fateful days.

America isn’t currently threatened with a conflict that might require the use of nukes to protect us, and I hope we are not at any time in the future, near or distant.  To even allude to their use is a frightening prospect for many.  War isn’t pretty, of course.  We’ve enough of an arsenal to no doubt annihilate the planet several times over.   It’s good that they stay bunkered and at the ready, and  I hope they remain that way for another 73 years.  As ugly as war is, unleashing the a-bomb on any enemy is a nasty option, and does plenty of damage to the Earth as well as one’s adversary.  Hope is, cool heads at the Pentagon will think long and hard before they are let loose again.    On this day of remembrance, this closing is especially sincere:  “Peace ya’ll.”  I’m out.




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