Death of the Landline!

When I moved a few years back I was told I would have to change my home phone number. The only calls I got at that number were my mother and LOTS of telemarketers. I decided to try going without and only use my cell phone. Well after 7 years, I haven’t missed it once! I have been surprised at the number of people who still have a landline phone for a variety of reasons. Some say they need it for an alarm system, some say it came with a bundled package and so on. It’s funny that I can remember a time when I thought I didn’t need a “damn cell phone”. Now I don’t think I could live without one! Things have certainly changed in my lifetime and yet there are plenty of  kids who don’t remember a time without computers and cell phones. I always find myself wondering what will be next and I’m fascinated by how the sci-fi entertainment industry sometimes gives us a glimpse. One thing is for sure, what happens in the next 10 years will happen faster than it did in the past 10 years! Thanks for listening to 98 Rocks and checking us out on social media. Keep on Rocking!



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