Daytona Has Me Looking Forward to TMS

It’s been 20 years since Richard Childress’s “3” won a Daytona 500.  Richard’s grandson, Austin Dillon, won “the 500”.   Dale Earnhardt (Sr) won the Daytona 500, wheelin’ the 3 car, in ’98  It was also great to see Richard Petty’s “43” finish second, and running up in the front of the pack, again.  Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. was exceptional, racing The King’s (Petty) 43 car.   I hated that “78” (defending champion), Martin Truex Jr., was involved in a wreck.  It used to be that, all NASCAR teams were based, in and around, North Carolina.  The 78 team is the only team that has been breaking from the norm, by being based out of Denver, Colorado.   There is a, great, crop of young racers in NASCAR today.  Being a long-time fan of the late Dale Earnhardt (Sr), I don’t, particularly, have a favorite driver these days, but I do favor Truex Jr, since some family are fans of his.  I just love good racing, though.   Watching the Daytona 500, & the other weekend NASCAR races that were held, has me looking forward to taking the Tom’sMahaul motorhome back to the Texas Motor Speedway RV campgrounds.  I’m looking forward to the April NASCAR weekend at T.M.S.   It’ll be great to see friends, that I only see 3 times a year, every year, at T.M.S.  It’ll also be great to have my race scanner headphones on, and monitor the strategy of the race teams, throughout the races.   I’m, also, looking forward to going to some local, and regional, dirt track races this year.  I see that, Boothill Speedway (just west of Shreveport), has posted their schedule for 2018.




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