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Been a few weeks since I visited the blog-o-sphere.   Searching for the “muse” I suppose.  It’s been a busy week back from the camping trip, and a week away at the lake sure makes you appreciate…a week away at the lake!  But the freedom of the great outdoors gets put on a shelf when the four walls of reality finally return.  Fortunately the four walls of our control room are more of a refuge than a prison to me, but five months of very few other people in the halls still feels surreal.  August first is Saturday.  Really.  Wow.

Switched on the tube this morning when I rolled-out at four, sipping a mug of joe and soaking in the first of the day’s humidity.  A good breeze and a hint of the upcoming cold front was in the air. Or was it just wishful thinking?  Saw a commercial for a newfangled face-mask more effective than all the rest, featuring multiple layers of protection, and electrostatic  charge, apparently to actually repel invasive viral agents. Oooo-kay.  Didn’t notice if they required batteries.  Maybe you recharge them with a USB port? Try a box out for just $19.99, double your order and just pay additional shipping.   Speaking of tubes, I’ve noticed some bare shelves when searching for the right size innertube for the old mountain bike tires.  The mean streets of the city can eat them up, and I guess hitting the road on a bike has become popular with more people due to the pandemic.  Good for you if you ride, or embrace any form of physical activity to fend-off the quarantine blues.  Keep a patch kit handy.  Like toilet paper, tire tubes will no doubt make a comeback.   I ordered some online, but pickins’ were slim.

Also read somewhere that Slip-N-Slides are a hard to come by item.   Twister is probably not flying off the shelves though.

At that, the time I’m permitted in the radio station is nearing its end.  Talk to you tomorrow at six.  Keep Rockin’ & keep yourself Rona-free!

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