Concert Drought

When you get to the end of July and the first of August you’ve already experienced excessive heat and a lack of rainfall for a while. We’re also experiencing a concert drought at this time. It’s been a good year for concerts up to this point with some of the latest shows coming from Cheap Trick, Joe Bonamassa, and the Foo Fighters. But where are the concerts now? Dallas has a lot of big tours rolling in during August as does Houston and New Orleans. Fall always brings festivals and shows that entertain everyone as well as the great game of football! But we really could use some good concerts over the next couple of months. I’ve been hollering for Styx to come visit us. The Deep Purple/Judas Priest tour would rock my Summer blues away. I knew the Eagles would be limited to big markets as well as the Def Leppard/Journey tour, but how about Ozzy stopping by on his way to Dallas. There are lots of good shows still rocking the nation and we need one to stop by our town! If not, could be time for a road trip!




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