Greetings fellow gazers of the heavens.  Today I share news of the latest lunar-celestial event to grace the winter skies, a so-called Cold Full Moon Kiss.  The “cold full” aspect is just a seasonal  reference to it being a Full Moon in the wintertime.  That will be at its peak Wednesday night, the 11th, at 11:11 local time. The “kiss” part has to do with the closest conjunction of Venus and Saturn,  only about 1.8 degrees apart in the southwestern horizon.  Clear skies in our area should make for a clear but chilly view.  Step out earlier, say 6:30pm on Wednesday, and you probably won’t be able to miss a flyover by the Inernational Space Station, it will pass from northwest to southeast in the southern sky at a brilliant magnitude of -3.0.  On Thursday about an hour earlier, find the ISS nearly overhead  at an even brighter magnitude -3.8!  Keep looking up and out into space…where it all began.

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