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Mornings with Bobby Cook

The Winner Is…

Bruno!  Yup, he sings and dances and can even play an instrument with his beak.  […]

More Rock Monday

Last Monday of January 2018, and that sounds good to me.  Good enough to officially […]

Let Me Chime In…

Week number four of the New Year is almost history.  I guess it’s almost time […]

Welcome to Friday

Here’s the early report.  Weather experts missed the overnight low a bit and the forecast […]

Things To Ponder

I sit and ponder the events of the day thus far, and those to come.  […]

Bloggin’ for Breakfast

My favorite breakfasts are often the leftovers from dinner the night before.  That’s the case […]

Wakin’ Up Wednesday

Couple quick words on the early blog to get the juices flowing.   Had a frosty […]

I Feel Like A Parade

The official Mardi Gras flag has been hoisted by the wifey, who has a flag, banner, […]