Local Tom says “Thank you”

First off, thank you for rockin’ with 98Rocks.  I have a high level of gratitude to you.  I feel the need to express that.  Recently, a close friend said that when she goes shopping, she doesn’t hear “thank you” very often, these days.   For me, personally, when a worker at a business has assisted me, or handled my purchase at the checkout counter, I say “thank you”.  But, my friend tells me that it should be the other way around, and the business should be doing the thanking.  It’s not a big deal to me, but I suppose that it is to some people.  I am thankful, when someone waits on me, or handles my purchase.  I do understand my friend’s view, though.  I’ve heard other people express the same view, as my friend.  I know that I express my appreciation often, but I am thankful to those that are working to serve others, though they’re getting paid to represent a business. I appreciate them doing the work that they do, and contributing (in the work force).  I do appreciate service with a smile, and hearing “thank you” when I shop or dine somewhere.  So.  If I’m appreciative of that, then I’m … thankful, right?  So, I say “thank you”, too.  The bottom line is, I don’t walk in other people’s shoes,  or live someone else’s life, so I try not to judge.  I know I say “thank you”, or “much appreciated” to you, often, but know that it is sincere.  I do appreciate YOU, for being a part of 98Rocks with us.  It’s always cool when I run into people that were with us on day one, when we started rockin’ on 98Rocks almost 35 years ago.  That IS cool!  And, I express my gratitude.  But, I am thankful to the many that have joined in along the way, and those that are rockin’ with us today.  Thank you!  I believe that our staff feels that our listeners are a part of … us.  You are a part.  The biggest part.  It’s always good to be a part of, instead of apart from. I’m, also, appreciative to the local businesses that support our effort, too.  We enjoy connecting our listeners to local businesses.  Anyone that knows me, knows that I’ve always been, and all about, “local”.  Maybe, a little “loco” too, though… sometimes.  If you’re among those that don’t hear “thank you” enough, let me share another, sincere, “thank you”… to you.

So.  Let’s get on with the rock & roll.  Thanks for rockin’ with us on your vehicle radio, and on the 98Rocks app on your phone, or listening from our website at 98Rocks.fm .  Thanks for stopping by and visiting us at 98Rocks Facebook too.  There’s the 98 Minute Commercial Free Music Meltdown, the 11:50am Gig Guide, the Blue Plate Special lunch hour and of course, lots of rock while you work (or whatever you’re up to today).  Let’s get to it.




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