By The Moon’s Light

Spring arrives today, and I was up to greet the new season at four-am, putting the last of my tomato plants into the garden patch under a brilliant full Moon.  Mocha and Kitty prowled around almost soundlessly, and the first of the early birds made occasional chirps, including the mother Carolina Wren who’s tending a nest of eggs in a hanging pitcher-plant on the back patio.  The day began cool, in the mid-forties, but I wasn’t chilled in just pj- bottoms and a flannel shirt.  The earth was fragrant in a way only gardeners can appreciate,  also cool and still moist from recent rains. But also…sort of warm, in a non-heat way.  That might make some kind of vague sense to you, but only if you’d ever find yourself amazed by the simple act of planting a future salad by the Moon’s glow before most of the world is even aware another day, let alone whole new season has begun.

Stay Green, Ya’ll!


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