Could A Pie Save Your Ride?


Perhaps you’ve heard.   Domino’s Pizza just announced a new plan to drive around the country and fix potholes.  I was a Domino’s driver as a teen, and there were times I probably would have rather been filling in a pothole than venturing into some of the neighborhoods where my customers resided.   I’m all for preserving my vehicles suspension, and considering the pace at which most government works, maybe it’s a more efficient way to improve our infrastructure. Of course it’s part of a marketing campaign where they say they’re making it a smoother ride for people driving around with pizza.  You can nominate a town to get pothole help at  Shreveport/Bossier could certainly benefit.

I think it’s a smart marketing campaign that’s promoting their pizza while simultaneously doing some real good. They’ve already started fixing potholes in Bartonville, Texas . . . Milford, Delaware . . . Athens, Georgia . . . and Burbank, California.

But not every town will get the Domino’s paving crew, though . . . in some cases, they’ll just be sending the city some money.  Wonder if Domino’s gets their corporate logo imprinted in the asphalt?

Happy, smooth motoring and dining, and hit mine with some extra cheese, please!











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