When the rain finally ended,  our Sunday fun really got going with the first  crawfish boil of the year!

Thanks to the gang for coming over to help prep and eat!  Zak & Hayley, Jess & Rauland and  Lee helped polish-off a sack on what turned into a fantastic Sunday afternoon!  Great way to enjoy the start of daylight savings time, and get past that lost hour of sleep.   Zak’s secret boil recipe makes some superb mudbugs and we’re looking forward to many more gatherings!  Of course we were rockin’ while we pinched them tails, and Zak brought the newest creation from Great Raft, “318 Golden Ale!”   It’s made here, for all of us right here in the 318, and you’ll not find it anywhere else.

So be Live & Local, with The Home of Rock-N-Roll 98 Rocks, and Great Raft 318!  Both served-up right in your backyard!



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